Downtown Detroit is quickly becoming a destination in itself and at its core is  the Greektown Casino. The casino, which originally opened as a temporary facility, looked to expand into a casino resort complex. Shuffled in the middle of downtown, building a larger casino and a hotel to add onto the current casino called for a extremely unique design.

The large project is like no other Ross Steel has ever been involved in. The additions to the casino include building on top of and around the existing structure. One portion of the addition will even expand over one of main roads through the downtown area. The design called for a pedestrian bridge which will connect the future hotel to an existing, old-fashion, school-house. The bridge not only had to be slopped down at an angle, but it connects at both ends at a diagonal direction. Ross Steel also had to build a multi-story building between the existing casino, the aforementioned schoolhouse, and a large restaurant. Other additions include the construction of an entire event center over the current casino some three stories high.

The project had many logistical challenges due to its downtown location. Due to the popularity of the Detroit Tigers, the bridge and the gap building could only be constructed when the team was on a road trip since the construction would force the closure of some of the major roads in the city. The bridge also had to be assembled in the nighttime hours.

Ross Steel had to overcome countless challenges and has once again found  a way to create and bring to life what unique designs call for.